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Monthly Archives: June 2012



A show featuring flying copters, weird robots, surfaces turned interactive, social tags and many more oddities.
The show consists of an open studio and is the first showcase of some of Lebanon’s up and coming hardware hackers, and a sneak peak into the upcoming Beirut hackerspace ahead. Join us for a unique experience that will show you a side of Beirut design you’ve never seen, a community hacking its way into the city as they want to see it.

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As part of the launch of the newest AstraZeneca product in Lebanon, Brilinta, a conference was held at Hilton hosting a discussion panel and numerous respectable cardiologists.

To get direct feedback from the attendees, Sociatag provided a Poll Box with three options (Fair, Good and Excellent), by which doctors were able to directly give their feedback on the event.

Click here to check photos of the event.