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You’ve met us at several events, you’ve heard about us from here or there, you’ve read an article mentioning us, or most probably you’ve visited our website. In all cases, here’s a small introduction about who we are, what we do and how we do it.

In simple words, Sociatag brings the offline world online. Our main aim is to add value to offline events by connecting them with their online community, and allowing them to engage the users and attendees outside of the physical venue, thereby creating a viral buzz. So at events, conferences, concerts, malls, restaurants, hotels, etc. people will be able to like the targeted Facebook page, check-in, tweet, or even take a photo. All the above mentioned tasks happen with a simple click. Users can use the Sociatag app on their mobile phones; or by swiping their PVC cards, key chains, wrist bands or stickers. Every activity then is brought online, as the following screenshots shows.



The Website:

Users will have to register and connect their social networks. All events will have a page on the Sociatag website, where all activities concerning the event will show up. Moreover, the website also has the “store” page where businesses would choose their preferred products.

The app:

Via the app, especially if the handset has NFC built in, users can perform the desired tasks at any Sociatag box.

Meet us at our next blog post for more details about our products.