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Yes it’s happening due to a technology called RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification). What is RFID? It’s a system that transfers an object’s identity and info via radio waves.

How the whole thing works?

The RFID system contains three components:

  • RFID tag: it’s a very tiny chip (almost the size of a grain of rice) that is usually connected to the object, and holds the object’s info (name or ID, unit, expiry date if applicable, size, color…). In other words, it’s the smart barcode. The chip also contains an antenna that will transmit the info to an RFID reader.
  • RFID reader: it also has an antenna to receive the info transmitted from the tag and sends it to the data processing machine.
  • Data processing machine: based on the field of use or category of business, the machine processes all the info received and files them.


Fields of use for RFID

  • Retail business: tracking the product from factory to the hands of the buyer. Once the product is manufactured, an RFID tag is attached to it. The RFID reader’s job will be tracking the product in the warehouse and it’s shipment to the desired location or store, and last phase, how many of the product and when it was bought. Warehouse/stock management hasn’t been easier. The data processing machine will keep all the information and process the data into a required result.
  • RFID and social networks: checking in at an event, liking a product, sharing a photo,..
  • RFID passports
  • Vehicle parking, road traffic monitoring
  • Food production control
  • Hospital staff control

… and the list goes on.

RFID technology is being integrated more and more in all business categories. It requires a less human intervention, unlike barcodes.